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AminoA Plus is approved for use in Organic systems


AminoA Plus is registered with OF & G ( Organic Farmers and Growers) in the UK on the restricted approval scheme. OF & G adhere to the European Union standards for Organic agriculture so this means that AminoA Plus can be used in the EU by growers that are members of national schemes that work to this standard. Soil Association members in the UK can apply to the Soil Association use AminoA Plus, and provided that there is a valid reason, will probably be granted permission.

AminoA Plus is a natural product with no fillers or additives and contains every essential amino acid. It is also a valuable source of Nitrogen and Iron which are often lacking in Organic systems, particularly on calcereous soils. It gives excellent results in conventional high input systems so should be a product of choice in all Organic systems. Many organic growers struggle to achieve high protein milling wheat and the substantial premium that this attracts. Applying AminoA Plus is a reliable means of boosting grain protein.

For more information email enquires@aminoa.co.uk